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 bankroll: some tips please...

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PostSubject: bankroll: some tips please...   Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:56 pm

I consider myself a reasonably talented poker player, but i lack discipline and method. despite playing for about two years, and being kind of even in money, i want to start over play casino online
. i was thinking about investing something like 70/100€ (100/140$). in which rooms can i get the best bonus/rakeback deals? what level of cash-games could i play?and sng?in how many tables? I know those are many questions but i would really apreciate your help!

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PostSubject: Re: bankroll: some tips please...   Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:09 pm

Heres the basic bankroll management guide lines.

•20 buy-ins or 5% of your bankroll for NL Holdem
•300 big blinds for Limit Holdem
•40 buy-ins for Sit'n go and MTT Tournaments

So with a $100 bankroll your looking at a single table with a $5 buy-in or 2 tables with a $2.50 buy-in for NL cash games. For Limit Holdem you could do 3 tables of $.05/.10 or like 2 tables of $.10/.20 and one of $.05/.10. For Sit'n goes and MTT's you can do up to $2.50 buy-ins. These are just a few examples and you can change it up anyway you'd like. You can also check out our bankroll management article HERE for further details and more examples.

As for which rooms have the best sign up bonus and rakeback deals, Carbon Poker offers 35% rakeback and a 150% up to $1000 first deposit bonus, cake poker offers 33% rakeback and a 110% up to $600 first deposit bonus and Full Tilt has 27% rakeback and a 100% up to $600 first deposit bonus. Those are some of the best deals around but you can also check out all the offers at our partner site HERE, they offer the highest rakeback percentages in the industry.

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bankroll: some tips please...
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