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 where is the best place to play?

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tom klarc

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where is the best place to play? Empty
PostSubject: where is the best place to play?   where is the best place to play? Icon_minitimeMon Aug 16, 2010 1:34 am

Just thought since I have been a member for like a week now I thought I would make a post that might get some feed back.

Just wondering where everyone plays and why they play there. Is it the promotions or the games or the tournaments.
I have friends telling me where to play but I want a non biased oppinion.

Thanks everyone.
How to play and win at Sit and Go
Casino Games
Sit and Go - this tournament, the beginning of which is not tied in time. It begins when all seats will be the tournament are pending.
It can be as multiteybl tournament and the tournament with one table (single-table). Separately, it may be noted dueling (headsup) tournaments,
where at a table playing 2 players, according to the principle: one on one, and the winner takes all. There is also Hedzap for four (or more). casino roulette
There are two tables for two people, and then the winners come together for the final table. As you can see, the main principle in any case remains:
Game tete-a-tete.

Here are a few simple rules and tips for playing in Sit & Go, to be followed in order to enjoy this quiet game of poker:

online slot casinos

• Create your own way to the game and stick to it. It is important to be consistent, but do not be afraid to change the style, if the game is not important.
• Study the behavior of your opponents. You can get the advantage of classifying the other players. Militant whether they
just lovers of gambling, or they are weak and timid? Based on the analysis of their style, you can quickly come to understand the opportunities in the game.
online poker
• Try to play with skilled players. Since you have found time to study poker strategy «Sit & Go»,
then use the knowledge to good use. Do not play poker, relying on luck alone.
• Do not risk all your chips at once. The advantage of Sit & Go is in fact
that you still have the opportunity to win a relatively small stack. Put away a lot - a risky move, it is not inherent in the game «Sit & Go».
The goal in poker Sit and Go - this is to try to get into the top three winners, that relieves stress and makes it possible to concentrate on the game. NETeller Casinos
Try to do so that you always have in stock were the chips, thus, you allow yourself to find the best possible situation to win.
Remember that a bad game can happen with everyone, sometimes cards just do not go to you. The big advantage of poker «Sit & Go», that if you get knocked out,
then you have five or ten minutes to get ready before the next game. Use this time,
to watch the game the other players to better understand their strategy game. Good luck with the game of poker Sit & Go, not only in maps
that you have in your hand, it is also correct to use them. A successful player that, which is always analyzing the game and is confident it. Guide Online Casino

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OnlinePokerAds Admin
OnlinePokerAds Admin

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where is the best place to play? Empty
PostSubject: Re: where is the best place to play?   where is the best place to play? Icon_minitimeTue Aug 17, 2010 12:28 pm

Well, personally I like Full tilt the best but I do play at alot of other sites and choose the sites by the action and player quality mostly but promotions are always good to.
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where is the best place to play?
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