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 Best bonuses for first deposit that isn't FT or PS?

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brain cameron

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PostSubject: Best bonuses for first deposit that isn't FT or PS?   Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:09 am

Я ищу для моей BR на сумму около $ 500 первоначального взноса.
Проблема в том я не могу делать это в PS или FT , так как я уже играл там раньше.
Какой сайт имеет лучшие акции / грабли / и т.д. , что я могу воспользоваться ? Это
пирог с $ 600 депозит bonus/30 % рейкбек ?

If the player has the opportunity to visit the best online casino, then he can easily count on the loyalty bonus that the operators of these establishments have always treated its customers, especially when it comes to visitors. Thus, these kinds of rewards that you have already understood, are only available to players who for some time favored the game space itself. Especially in this case, to understand the personality of the award of such a group, such as a bonus, you must restore the drive, you may need to give the amount of your deposit account in Paris in.


Nevertheless, the best poker-school online casinos would not be the best title,
in case of need their huge contribution to the regular customers at the depot,
to get a loyalty bonus. Some organizations casinostock play, players can generally offer rewards of this type without the financial contributions
however, rare, and suggests instead VIP clients, who really deserve these awards. But, above all, of course,
which takes into account contributions made to the player that he has done for some time to play the same game settings, for example, within a month.

To receive the bonus loyalty in online casinos casino-school
the player may require its commitment to even the playing space and the opportunity to play for real stakes.
As a rule, to obtain the title of a permanent customer in the same location, starting from the disk you want to play,
at least a couple of months, usually 6 months,
casino historia
and the restoration of its periodic deposit.
If all these conditions are met, then the player can expect to receive the promotion as a percentage of the deposit amount in your account.
The best part of compensation operators,web-casino simply in terms of their bids.

Some casino patrons can count on many operators,

encouraging gambling establishments. In particular, the loyalty bonus is a real recognition of the readers
therefore we can assume that you have noticed, and would like to thank you for your commitment to the player of the Institute.
The most important thing is to use the received bonuses betting so as to get more benefits
especially to win these bonuses are very easy, if a player skill games casino-style

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PostSubject: Re: Best bonuses for first deposit that isn't FT or PS?   Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:16 am

All i can say Brian is I had the same problem and wanting a site for the same reasons.

I chose poker Host, I have found them to be dishonoring valueable freerolls and bonus's.

I have had to ask for each bonus when I have achieved bonus increment levels. They are so bad they cant even get my point level right.

They have cancelled freerolls, altered satilite conditions after one has already obtained a win and satilite ticket.

Avoid Poker Host, I deposited almost 1000.00. They wont be getting another cent from me!

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Best bonuses for first deposit that isn't FT or PS?
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